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  • سید اسماعیل مهین نژاد
    Seyd Esmaeil Mahin Nezhad
    He is a user interface designer. He's really enthusiastic about graphics and he is an expert in UI/UX developing. His workflow involves Adobe products and lots of papers. Also he is professional in digital marketing.
  • سید اسماعیل مهین نژاد
    سید اسماعیل مهین نژاد
    او یک طراح رابط کاربری است. او واقعا مشتاق گرافیک و او به یک متخصص در حال توسعه UI / UX است. گردش کار او مستلزم محصولات ادوبی و تعداد زیادی از مقالات. همچنین او حرفه ای در بازاریابی دیجیتال است


khodavakili is a company which exclusively produces high quality websites and applications for superior clients and high-end devices.

We tend to rise the quality based on modern and standard rules of web by making extremely user-friendly and highly reliable products followed by the continuous support by our well-trained and experienced support team.

Email : khodavakilii@yahoo.com

Number: 09352511893

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We design and develope web-sites and applications and we're always open for hearing your vioce, so if you have any idea,suggestion or question plaese feel free to share that through the form below.